Rendering: Porsche 928 GT


We vonden een nieuwe rendering van een model waar veel over geroddeld wordt of deze nog zal verschijnen; de Porsche 928 GT.

” Fresh off the success of the all new Porsche Panamera, it is rumored that the German sports car builder is working on a larger GT Coupe that would serve as a spiritual successor of the classic 928 along the same lines as the new four door Grand Tourer. We have already heard Porsche’s design chief, Michael Maur, confirmed that he’s working on a new coupe moving away from models like the compact Cayman and Boxster in a direction towards larger sports cars like the 911 and Cayenne with the new 928 fitting in perfectly to compete with high end luxury cars like the Bentley Continental GT. The new car will most likely be built upon the Panamera’s platform with a shorter wheelbase offering more room in the rear as well as additional trunk space compared to the 911. “


bron: gcb

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