Porsche Panamera vs. Bentley Continental vs. Aston Martin Rapide vs. Maserati Quattroporte

pan-rapid-spur-maser_210We vonden een interessante vergelijking van het Engelse automagazine EVO waarin de Porsche Panamera Turbo wordt afgezet tegen de Bentley Continental Flying Spur Speed, de Aston Martin Rapide en Maserati’s Quattroporte GT S.


“As you’d hope, they’re all refined and cosseting over a 300-plus mile haul like this, boasting low levels of wind noise and tyre roar that are easily nullified by their wonderful sound systems. After a couple of hours at the wheel we all feel that the Aston’s centre console and door pull-cum-armrest are too high; as in a Caterham, you drive elbows out or tucked in. Some think the Porsche’s driver’s seat is a little too firm too, and that it cruises better in the mid damper setting, which banishes the hint of lateral rock evident in the default mode.

Top marks for space and comfort go to the Bentley, the best sat-nav belongs to the Porsche, which makes the others’ look like Etch-a-Sketches.”

Lees de volledige vergelijking HIER.


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